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54 m²
Sup. abitativa

Camere da letto

da 67 € per notte

Dati di contatto

Herr R. Kraft

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La Appartamento

Stanze e impianti in dotazione

massimo 4

54 m²

Collegamento Internet

Camere da letto

  • Numero complessivo: 1
  • 1 Camere doppie

Bagni e WC

  • Numero complessivo: 1
  • 1 Bagni con doccia


  • Giardino
  • Barbecue


  • Riscaldamento centrale

Apparecchiature elettriche e accessori

  • Lettore CD
  • Televisore
  • Collegamento Internet
  • TV SAT
  • Lavatrice
  • Asciugabiancheria

Attrezzature della cucina

  • Scomparto congelatore
  • Lavastoviglie
  • Frigorifero
  • Forno a microonde
  • Forno

Servizi aggiuntivi

Altre caratteristiche

  • Non fumatori

Come arrivare e distanze

Sport praticabili nelle vicinanze

Località e posizione dell'alloggio

Calcolatore prezzo

Canone d'affitto: da 67 €

per notte, incl. spese accessorie fisse

Canone d'affitto e modalità

Di seguito una panoramica dei prezzi (non si tratta del prezzo finale!) che il calcolatore utilizza per determinare il costo finale

prezzo minimo: da 67 € per notte

I prezzi indicati si riferiscono - per immobile - al soggiorno di max.:: 2 Persone
Maggiorazione per ogni persona in più: 19 € notte / 134 € per settimana

Periodo della vacanza Soggiorno
per ogni notte addizionale
(a partire da 8 notti)
01.07.16 - 11.08.16
3 notti 68.4 € -- --
15.08.16 - 31.08.16
3 notti 74.1 € -- --
15.08.16 - 31.08.16
3 notti 74.1 € -- --
31.08.16 - 30.09.16
3 notti 67 € -- --
30.09.16 - 03.10.16
Media Stagione
3 notti 86.64 € -- --
03.10.16 - 22.05.21
3 notti 67 € -- --
da 22.05.21 Su richiesta

Condizioni d'affitto

Calendario delle prenotazioni Appartamento in Koblenz

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Ultimo aggiornamento: 30.07.2016

Dati di contatto

Herr R. Kraft

Herr R. Kraft

Parliamo Tedesco, Inglese

Ultimo aggiornamento 70845 a

Appartamento in Koblenz -  1
3 Recensioni
Ben equipaggiato

Appartamento in Koblenz

4 Persone
54 m² Superficie abitabile
1 Camere da letto

da 67 per notte

La Appartamento ha 3 Recensioni.

di 5
Rapporto prezzo/prestazione

would have been better without major street construction occurring

di Loraine

3 3 3 3 3

We reserved a holiday apartment in October 2011 for our vacation June-July 2012. We purposely chose this apartment for the location; right on the Rhein with only a small street and a grassy park strip in-between. Our plan was to picnic often on the grass and watch the boats go by. However, the owners failed to alert us to a MAJOR construction of a river flood wall project since NOVEMBER 2011 with huge heavy equipment, a deep and wide impassible trench and a procession of machinery and cement trucks, workers and jack hammers everyday from 7 am to 5pm rain or shine.

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This place I would go to time and time again.

di Sue

5 5 5 5 5

We like comfort and this place was very comfortable.↵When the weather is crap we like to watch a good film↵on TV, but in Germany the TV is not very good unless↵you can speak German we only got the News in English.↵But apart from that a great place.

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Only for German speakers with GPS

di Marina

3 3 3 3 3

The apartment we rented was large and clean. The people friendly. But, the place was a construction site. Our apartment was on the first floor and there was construction of some sort of wall being built not 30 ft.from our window. Needless to say not a very good view. Parking was very limited as large patches in front of the building were closed during the day for construction. We tried to be gone from the apartment before 8 am each day. Our host was out of town, so he emailed me the number of a gentleman that would help us, this gentleman sent over a very nice lady who spoke no English, and with my limited German, tried to explain the apartment to us. The apartment was a nightmare to find as we didn't have a GPS. Finding our way in and out was an experience. In conclusion, it would have been nice to have been told about all this. I think that was the reason for sending the lady, you can't complain to someone who can't understand you.

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Idee per la vacanza:
Ultimo aggiornamento: 70845
Ultimo aggiornamento: 22.05.2016
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